Solar Power Generating System

We are participating in various international solar projects related to developing countries’ promotional policies towards conversion to the use of renewable energy. Recently, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we have installed 563 units of standalone solar LED streetlights (JICA Grant Aid) in the main highway of Poids Lourds Avenue that connects the airport to downtown Kinshasha, the capital. In the South Pacific islands, we have provided 22 units of Solar Water Pumps and 36 units of Solar Freezing equipment (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ PEC FUND) to support the basic livelihood of citizens in remote islands.
Our cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric started with the small-type solar power generating equipment installed in our incinerator, and at present, has extended to installation of streetlights in highways, as far as infrastructure servicing to developing countries, and with Japanese technology as base, we are undertaking huge developmental efforts of global scale.

Recent Projects