STELLA's Start of Relationship
with Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd (MEAP)

HISATOSHI "T": I once visited your company to talk about the solar system for our incinerator.

WINSTON "W": Then we supported you by supplying PV modules.

T: That was the first time to start about 6 years ago.

W: That was actually a very small order.

T: You gave me a good price.

T: Moreover, your behavior; very good attitude.
I felt your superiority and professionalism.

First Impression of Toshi--You don't have to be honest!

W: Very confident person, very careful, very detailed.

T: Too much detailed, maybe?

W: So reliable, responsible. Good that MEAP can trust STELLA. When we do tendering, a lot of things, details…We can trust you, share work load and can be successful to submit tenders on time. Toshi always encourages us to submit tenders on time.

T: You are very much a hard worker. I can't see anymore such hard workers even in Japan these days.

W: We can see the future in a good working relationship. We want to participate in more tenders together with STELLA to win more projects and we are moving out from the Pacific Islands tendering to Southeast Asia, Africa, etc., so I think it is a big opportunity for us to explore other areas, especially for the Japanese ODA programs.

T: We will be very happy to continue to represent MEAP going forward. Our team will be very happy with MEAP to develop business together.

Tell us about Mitsubishi Solar Products;
what 's good about them.

W: Firstly, I want to emphasize that we are a 90-over years company. When you use our panels, you can say to your customers that MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC will always be there for them. Because when you talk of Solar Panels, you are looking at a warranty of 25 years. So if say 20-25 years down the road, we can guarantee MITSUBISHI will always be there for them in case they have any issues with the product. Although probably in 20 years time, even members of our team would have been changed, MITSUBISHI will definitely be there to honor their warranty.

T: Stella also will be there.

W: Like I mentioned, we are very much focused on quality. Although price is slightly higher than other manufacturers, we are comparable with our Japanese counterparts and major brands like Panasonic, Kyocera., etc. And on our part, I would like to emphasize that MEAP, our Singapore Sales office, besides just selling PV modules, are also into solutions, and that 's how we get together to continue working on the projects. We are capable to provide complete solutions. That's a good way you can rely on MEAP.

T: As a total package system and also as regards service, your company and yourself are very strong and challenging all the time. That's good for us. MITSUBISHI headquarters in Japan is always supportive. But Singapore office, because of you, is all the time challenging, and that's good, with high quality of products behind.

W: But we also need the lead from STELLA. It's a 2-way relationship. With that type of relationship, we have a good direction to perform.

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